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Finally, the beta release of the Upside Down Universe is here!

Upside Down Universe

What is the Upside Down Universe?

The Upside Down Universe is a community and group of many initiatives which aims to unite people from the downsides and upsides of life, we want to help people come together to have fun while supporting each other.
We aim at hosting events, providing resources and opportunities for collaboration, and learning like no other server. All this while enjoying fun events, bots, and community conversations.

So we are alloy of fun, intelligence, productivity, and improvement in one place. We want each person to be able to access what they need Instead of getting controlled by Social Media and the people taking advantage of the internet.

Here you can make new friends, find partners, get daily motivation, support each other, and grow and be a part of the brilliant master plan called the upside-down universe which wants to make your life complete in all ways.

Be it gaming, self-improvement, party, or content creation and business. This server is going to be the heart for all our community people to come together, stay updated, get successful, or just game and have fun!

Check out what I belive and envision for this community and vision!